Lydia Williams - 7

Very quick to react, rushing out of her box to deal with any perceived threat. No wonder she's breaking records this season, although she'll be disappointed not to keep a cleansheet today.

Ellie Carpenter - 9.5

Phenomenal. Carpenter was key to City's dominant start to the match, pushing down that right flank, blasting past Courtney Nevin with ease and setting up City's break through. Never took her foot off the gas. 

Rebekah Stott - 9

Very imposing, her interceptions were key and her willingness to push forward and hold a high line was instrumental to City's stranglehold on the match. Well deserving goal. She certainly has a powerful shot on her, as we've seen time and again this season.

Emma Checker - 9

Checker was similarly aggressive and played a key role in City's forward dominance. The two centre-halves were always quick to trackback against the breaking Wanderers' forward line and Checker's leadership was telling.

Lauren Barnes - 9

Demonstrative as ever. Simply impervious.

Yukari Kinga - 9.5

She leads by example in this City team and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down well into her 30s. Her passing accuracy is sensational.

Aivi Luik - 8

She drifted under the radar, as she often does, but set the tempo delightfully. 

Emily van Egmond - 8

While she wasn't always involved, often picking up the ball slightly deeper than you may have imagined, she was a force to be reckoned with nonetheless.

Kyah Simon - 9

She found space consistently right in front of goals, which is as much a credit to her own deadly striking abilities as well as it is an indictment on Wanderers' defending.

Claire Emslie - 9

Emslie was unstoppable in that first half, far more involved than she was at the beginning of the W-League campaign. A confidence player full of confidence at just the right time.

Steph Catley - 9.5

Involved in nearly everything, an omnipresent threat down that left flank in the second half as she really imposed her will upon the match.


Milica Mijatovic - 7

Slightly shaky late inclusion, but even City's less effective were a class above.

Ally Watt - 7.5

Heavily involved, although unable to convert her chances.


Abby Smith - 7

A few tidy saves from her acute sense of position, but she'll be disappointed she couldn't have one of her best performances today. The Wanderers really needed it.

Courtney Nevin - 6

"A learning experience" as the commentators quipped. Her task was near impossible, but given her potential, in hindsight it was a fantastic challenge for the young prodigy.

Sam Staab - 6.5

She had a few sensational moments, certainly showing her keen eye for dying interceptions. But overall, she was outplayed. As were her entire team.

Caitlin Cooper - 7

Again, there was room for optimism in Cooper's performance. Her experience showed - she rose to the occasion, which may seem incongruous with the scoreline, but was evident in her never-say-die approach to one on one challenges.

Danika Matos - 6.5

She pressed forward intelligently, but her passing left too much to be desired.

Amy Harrison - 6

Disappointing this afternoon. Western Sydney needed her to be at her absolutely Matildas-esque best if they were going to stand a chance tonight but she couldn't work her way into the match.

Ella Mastrantonio - 7.5

She showed glimpses of absolute class out there, a few through balls that were nothing short of sensational. Arguably the Wanderers' best on the day.

Kyra Cooney Cross - 6

Perhaps another learning experience, but given her performances this season, she'll be naturally disappointed. Credit to her fantastic season that we have such high expectations.

Courtney Vine - 7

She was really impressive, given the momentous task she faced. One of Western Sydney's most notable attacking assets.

Kristen Hamilton - 7

Always up for the challenge, leading by example despite her incredible isolation. You get the feeling she did effectively everything she humanly could.

Susan Phonsongkham - 6.5

Phonsongham had a huge role to play tonight but unfortunately she certainly didn't have an overt impact on the match. Fantastic tank though, never stopped running.


Chloe Middleton - 6

Thrown into the deep end, chasing her own tail at times.

Alex Huynh - N/A

In hindsight, perhaps a shame that wasn't included in the starting lineup. She's been fantastic this season and her mixture of skill and physicality was what Western Sydney were sorely lacking tonight.