Hansen had a two-week training camp at the start on June at Indiana University and was able to swim alongside Olympic Champion King and a host of other talented breaststrokers.

It was a far cry from her usual training at Nunawading where she is the lone breaststroker in her squad.

At the Commonwealth Games, Hansen made the final but finished behind teammates Georgia Bohl and Leiston Pickett in a time of 1:08.53. 

She beat both Bohl and Pickett in the final last night.

"It was awesome and I was shown a lot of skills and my weaknesses were exposed so I know where I can improve,” Hansen said.

“So tonight, I knew I could just go out there and attack it which is something that I have been hesitant with in the last few races that I have done.”

“It’s a relief to be on the team and know that I have got my spot,” she said.

Hansen, who is coached by Scott Talbot – son of the late Jan Cameron who passed away suddenly in April – said she’s been able to put swimming into perspective after recent events.

“A few people I care about have had some tough times in the last few months, losing people that they love and it has really puts things in perspective,” said Hansen.

“All I can do when I am behind the blocks is enjoy every moment…as life is precious. 

"I get to do something I love, so that is pretty awesome,” she said.