We had so much trust and faith in what our head coach Noels Taurua had done in putting the team together ahead of our first season last year. A movie was made called Moneyball, which stars Brad Pitt. In that film, the Oakland A’s didn’t just look for the most talented people, they looked at that person's unique skills. I really feel that’s what Noels is about.

Not only did Noels look at what we as players brought to the team individually, she looked at things like our stats and picked a group of girls who obviously had good personalities and contributed to the team off-court wise as well. And obviously having a bit of a quality spine with the likes of Caitlin Bassett with her goal-shooting experience and with Laura Langman and myself with our experience at the back, then it was about laying the other pieces of the squad around that spine of the netball team.

(Photo by Getty Images)