The Team

Re-signed- Laura Langman, Karla Pretorius, Steph Wood, Laura Scherian, Peace Proscovia, Phumza Maweni, Maddy McAuliffe, Cara Koenen, Jacqui Russell and Annika Lee-Jones.

What happened last season?

The Lightning had a strong season, after welcoming some new recruits into the mix, it took a game for them to gel as a new look team, but after that they were a strong Lightning team.

Welcoming Langman back added that X-factor into the lightings mid-court.  As well as new combinations formed at both ends of the court.

What we look forward to this season

As one of the only teams in the competition to have retained all 10 of their players, they have the upper hand, while other teams in the competition are looking to gel with new partnerships, the lightning are all the same, so they can picked up where they left off. What’s not to love about watching Karla Pretorius or Laura Langman take an intercept, or Steph Wood score a long-range shot.

Laura Scherian told Sunshine Coast lightning media:  “It’s a bit strange not knowing who we are playing and when we are playing”

“I think we are ready for whatever comes our way, no matter what it looks like – just being able to put our game out there is what is most important at the moment.”

Three Integral players

Laura Langman- The Silver ferns captain, is one of the best mid-courters in the competition if not worldwide. Her read on the ball is absolutely outstanding, being able to use her speed and agility thorough the midcourt and can also pick a hand intercept or two.

Steph Wood- After going into her fourth season at the lightning, Wood almost controls the goal circle for the lightning, and has formed a handy combination with both Koenen and Proscovia. Her work rate in that goal third is remarkable and is one of the Play makers for the lightning. Not to mention it’s not too often she misses a goal

Karla Pretorius- One of the best defenders in the competition, her read on the ball coming into the lighting’s defence is outstanding, and her game smarts is impeccable. She gets countless intercepts as well as does the little things very well, like creating mismatches in the goal circle, which forces the goalers to shoot the long shot, like she did in the dying minutes of the Round 13 clash against the Vixens

One to watch

Cara Koenen is  one to watch this season, she’s been with lightning for a few seasons now and is ready to make her mark on the game, having an awesome partnership with both Wood and Proscovia. 2020 is the year for her to really shine.