With the departure of their 2019 season captain Brianna Davey, Harrington and Loynes will be looking into the clubs future by driving standards and success within their dual leading role.

With less reliance on Davey, Carlton’s game plan will shift focus away from the new pies signing, offering plenty of opportunities for other players to shine this season.

“What Katie Loynes says about Carlton’ Challenges and Weakness”

Co-Captain Katie Loynes ensures Carltons’ focus for the 2020 season will be consistency across the whole season within all aspects of the game.

“Consistency will be our main goal, rather than setting an end target of winning the premiership.”

“We finished last year really strong but there were patches especially at the start of the season that need work.”

As an individual player Loynes has set herself some goals in focusing her time and energy into the new captaincy role and providing positive communication within the squad.

“Individually I’ll be focusing on my new leadership role, making sure communication is positive, especially on game days.”

Loynes Recognizes the noted impact the loss of previous Brenna Davey has had on the team, however with less focus and reliance on Davey, Loynes does believe her teammates will step up to the plate.

“To lose someone of that standard does hurt and is devastating but you just have to move forward and we can’t dwell on these moments.”

Carlton's Strengths

A successful 2020 draft saw 7 strong new signings to Carlton, bringing new talent, expression and athleticism to the squad including Lucy McEvoy (No. 2 pick) and Grace Egan (No.13 pick).

Along with these fresh faces we see many influential and experienced players return to the baggers coming off a strong 2019 season.

Australian Female Middleweight Title champion and AFLW icon Tayla Harris returns to Carlton after a momentous 2019 to lead Carltons’ attack. 2019 AFLW Rising star and AFLW all Australian recipient Madison Prespakis will also look to back up her incredible form in her debut AFLW taking control within the midfield.