Canberra United are another side in-need of a reboot after Heather Garriock's team finished eighth last season and scored only 13 goals throughout the entire campaign.

They've started unsurprisingly with the signing of a striker, Norwegian international Elise Thorsnes, an international of serious pedigree who is sure to get some excitement back in the stands for Canberrans this season.

But there's a lot more to be excited about in this Canberra lineup..

Confirmed Squad

Nikola Orgill (c), Karly Roestbakken, Elise Thorsnes, Shamiran Khamis (GK) and Annalee Grove (GK), Taren King, Olivia Price, Laura Hughes, Hayley Taylor-Young, Jessie Rasschaert, Simone Charley, Katie Stengel, Leena Khamis, Patricia Charalambous, Emma Stanbury,
Ashlie Crofts, Rebekah Horsey, Kaleigh Kurtz