The Queenslander picked up her first two gold medals on Thursday, winning both the women’s K1 500 as well as the 200 before partnering Alyssa Bull in the K2.

It was a feast K1 500 between Burnett and her teammate Bull as they both finished under 1:50 mark. For Burnett, it also continued her unbeaten streak in the event.
“I guess coming into nationals this year I really wanted to try and get that double. The 500, I felt pretty good throughout the race. There are still a few things to improve on, but Bully and I went both 1:49 which is really exciting in pretty flat conditions as well,” she said.

Not long after the 26-year-old added her second national title of the day taking out the women’s K1 200. 
“I left it right to the end to come over Jo (Brigden-Jones), who had an epic start, she is a really good 200 paddler, and I guess I kept everyone on their toes and I ended up winning by .11 which is nothing but I’m definitely happy to take the double,” Burnett said. 
On Friday morning Burnett and Bull combined to win gold in the women's K2 500 by .27 over Jo Jones-Brigden and Jaime Roberts.
Canoe Sprint National Championships racing runs from March 6 local time and will conclude on March 10.