As part of the Cole Miller round, Club’s across Australia retired the number 10 cap in remembrance of the young Brisbane player.

The AWL will also be playing under the new FINA Rules which were adopted in December 2018.

The season opener saw the Drummoyne Devils host the ACU Cronulla Sharks on Friday night under the Iron Cove Bridge in Sydney.

A slow start to the game with not too much action, saw the visitors take the lead 3-1. A more robust second quarter saw the home side gain momentum as they scored four unanswered goals before half time, the home side taking the lead 7-6.  A heavy third quarter had scores levelled at 9-9 before the fourth quarter only saw one goal a piece from either team, forcing the game into penalties.

The Devils were victorious taking the win 13-12 over the Sharks.

On Sunday, the Devils were once again at home to the reining championships, the UNSW Wests Killer Whales. A rather close first quarter saw the Devils maintain composure and confidence. The Killer Whales with their supportive ‘Pod Squad’ had other plans, as they fired shot after shot in the second half, going into the fourth quarter a comfortable 7 goals ahead.

The full-time score, 13-9 secured the first win of the season for the Whales, while the Devils are 1 for 2.

Drummoyne (13) ACU Cronulla Sharks (12)

Qtr time scores: 1-3; 6-3; 2-3; 1-1; 3-2 (penalties)

Drummoyne (9) ACU Cronulla Sharks (13)

Qtr time scores: 2-4; 4-3; 0-6; 3-0

Drummoyne: 1. Brooke Mather; 2. Molly Quinn; 3. Georgia Southern (1); 4. Macy Hansford (2); 6. Lexie Woolley; 7. Lilli Harris; 8. Roser Tarrago (4); 9. Erin Moodie; 11. Alex Corbett; 12. Sienna Hearn; 13. Camille Wall (1); 18. Kimberly Keane; 21. Karlee Assef (1)

In South Australia, the FYFE Adelaide Jets played host the Fremantle Marlins for a double header weekend.

The Marlins, who took out the bronze medal last year, secured two wins on the road to start their season off strong. The first match of the weekend saw the Jets answering each of the Marlins goals, with scores locked at 4-4 at half time. The second half however saw the Marlins pull ahead to a four-goal lead, to finish up the game 12-8.

The second match of the weekend on Sunday, was a goal scoring bonanza, with a total of 35 goals scored. Both teams came out firing, but it was the visitors who finished the first quarter with a four-goal lead.

A closer second quarter, however the home side were kept scoreless as the Marlins charged forward with another three goals. The second half saw the Jets regain some fire power, keeping the West Australian’s to three goals to their own five. The final quarter, the Marlins powered through to take the win 22-13.

FYFE Adelaide Jets (8) Fremantle Marlins (12)

Qtr time scores: 2-2; 2-2; 1-5; 3-3

FYFE Adelaide Jets (8) Fremantle Marlins (12)

Qtr time scores: 5-8; 0-4; 5-3; 3-7

Back in Sydney on Sunday afternoon, the UTS Balmain Tigers played host the Sydney University Lions in a “Clash of the Cats” match up at the iconic Dawn Fraser Baths.

A strong Tigers side armed with Aussie Stingers captain Rowie Webster as a new addition to the Club, meant a tough game for the Lions who have several of their key senior players currently playing overseas or out of action.

UTS Balmain were strong from the outset and by half time had a very comfortable seven goal lead over the visitors. The third quarter saw little action, with only three goals scored. The fourth and final, had the Tigers net the most goals so far with eight, taking a solid win over last year’s silver medallists, 19-3.

UTS Balmain Tigers (19) Sydney University Lions (3)

Qtr time scores: 3-1; 6-1; 2-1; 8-0

Watch the game Balmain v Sydney Uni here.

Up North, the newly formed Queensland Thunder hosted the Hunter Hurricanes for their own double header weekend and the Valley Pool.

Saturday night saw a low scoring affair for most of the first half, with the home side only leading 3-2. The Thunder came out strong in the third quarter, scoring three unanswered goals to eventually take the game 7-3.

After regrouping, the Hurricanes came out strong on Sunday morning to only ever be two goals down at any time. The visitors led the home side early in the second half with only one goal being scored in the third. The fourth quarter saw the visitors keep ahead again with an early goal only to have Queensland fire back to go two from two over the weekend, 8-7.

Queensland Thunder (7) Hunter Hurricanes (3)

Qtr time scores: 0-1; 3-1; 3-0; 1-1

Queensland Thunder (8) Hunter Hurricanes (7)

Qtr time scores: 2-1; 2-3; 0-1; 4-2