Their Beautiful Game is an Australian based not for profit which collects and donates football equipment to give players in areas of hardship and poverty.

The organisation started in 2009, when founder Dave Oswell, went to do volunteer work in Ghana as a teacher at a primary school and help a third division men's team in Accra.

Before he left for Ghana, Oswell and his friends collected boots, balls, strips to take over but whilst living with a local family, he was confronted by severe poverty.

"It was something which obviously extended into football," he said. 

"Despite being considered professionals, none of the players had their own boots, the balls were held together with tape, and the pitches were made of sand, dust and rocks."

Open sewers marked the sidelines but football was a key part of life despite the lack of resources.

Oswell donated the equipment he had brought over but decided more could be done to help.

Since then, the organisation has expanded to work in 21 countries around the world including South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Brazil, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand and marginalised groups in Australia.

They also provide equipment to Children’s Home of Hope, an orphanage in Asebu, three hours west of Accra. The orphanage is run by local volunteers and provides a safe place for children, giving them basic schooling, a place to sleep and football each afternoon.

"We try to make sure that each student has their own ball, shin pads and training kit, as well as providing the orphanage with training equipment," Oswell said.

Their Beautiful Game also works with Future Leaders, set up by Ghanian local Billa Mahmud however, he didn’t have much money so opened his school under a mango tree. They play football after school and more street children saw this and wanted to join the school, which meant Billa had to find a bigger mango tree.