The 16-year-old comes into the Youth Olympics off the back of two bronze medals from the recent FINA World Junior Diving Championships, which doubled as qualification. It was her first but also her last Junior Worlds as she will be a senior by the time the next meet comes along in 2020. 

The meet was a great experience for the teenager and she took away a number of different lessons which will be helpful in Argentina.

"There was so much to take away from it like how to deal with pressure and the audience," Koloi said. 

It's an exciting time and while she will not be in Argentina to attend the opening ceremony, due to school commitments, she is looking forward to what the experience will bring.

"I've seen the competition out there so it isn't as nervewracking as going into the junior worlds but it's definitely going to be tough," Koloi said

"I'm super excited and I'm looking forward to the experience and atmosphere of village life," she said.

However, the Queenslander is still relatively new to diving having made the switch from being an elite gymnast.

The change came as her younger sister was diving and Koloi went along to a training session one night and went for a trial before doing it on the side gym. She started training with one of the coaches in the elite pathway program and decided she loved the sport.

While going from doing a double back handspring is different from inward two and a half, the aerial awareness is one skill she transferred over from being a gymnast. 

However, there was one major difference which Koloi had to get her head around.

"Landing on your head was very tricky to come around to at first," she said.

The youngster has been lucky enough to train alongside Rio Olympic bronze medallist Maddison Keeney and Commonwealth Games synchro 3m springboard Champion Georgia Sheehan out of Brisbane.  

"They are some of the best 3m (springboard) divers in the world so it is amazing to train alongside them," Koloi said.

"It's really inspiring to work with them everyday and get the tips and tricks from them," she said.

The 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games will take place between October 6 - October 18.