The 31-year-old Sunshine Coast Lightning wing-attack has rediscovered her career and love of netball after a move from centre resulted in a rapid rise through the ranks.

Scherian's talent was spotted early in her career, where she first was picked up 12 years ago from the junior national team set ups.

“I was petrified, to be honest! Geitzy and I were both like ‘Oh my God, we’d better go home and get a good night’s sleep’,’’ Scherian recalled.

“But I do remember they were very welcoming, and I think that was when I was like ‘oh, this is amazing’.

“You could feel how special the environment was, and that’s what made me think I would love to play for Australia. It was actually at that moment.''

But a challenging period followed of over six years of Super Netball rejection, with the Sunshine Coast eventually taking a chance on Scherian.

That quickly became a shift in position and now Diamonds head coach Lisa Alexander realises her potential as well, calling her up for the Constellation Cup.

“The window of opportunity has presented itself with the injury to Kelsey Browne, and the fact that Laura has been an invitee into our environment for quite a couple of years now, she knows what it’s all about,’’ Alexander said.

“She’s a mature athlete, we know that she’ll be able to get on the court straight away and get on with it and not be overawed, and I think she’s brought an extra level to her game this year.

“Her ability to feed has been outstanding, she’s one of the lowest error-rate athletes in Suncorp Super Netball, she’s smart, she brings a great defensive game, and she brings a lot of insight into the opposition, into the Kiwi way, as well.’’