Fresh faces are good for the league

With neither Newcastle nor Perth able to make finals, today’s game was the perfect opportunity for the coaches to blood some fresh faces.

Both Hana Lowry and Morgan Aquino made their starting debuts for the Glory.

At 16-years old, Junior Matilda Lowry scored Perth’s first goal and her first in the W-League.

Goalkeeper Aquino also joined the starting 11 for the first time. After replacing Eliza Campbell last week, the youngster once again took the field whilst Campbell is out with concussion.   

The Junior Matildas goalkeeper Ruby Jones was also added to the squad list as a back-up goalkeeper for Aquino.  

But Perth weren’t the only side with debuting players.

Newcastle also pushed Lauren Allan into the starting 11 for first time this season, blasting the ball into the top of the net to score the Jets second goal.

Sophie Nenadovic and Renee Pountney were on the bench for first time too, with both players getting some time on the field late in the second half. 

Although a lot of prized Australian players have recently announced their departures from playing in the W-League, it isn’t all bad – it gives other players a chance to step up and allows the league to create the superstars of tomorrow.

Just look at tonight's match!