Let's talk about Darian Jenkins... again!

Jenkins is a pivotal player for Melbourne Victory, and today’s match provided her with yet another opportunity to show the league just how good she is.

Jenkins spent the game running up and down the sideline, crossing balls into the area and using her unique pace to beat players and set up goal scoring opportunities for her team.

She set up Victory’s first goal through her speed and a perfect cross from the by-line that found Melina Ayres.  

Plus, the 25-year-old isn’t picky – she switches from the left to right side and manages to look just as threatening no matter where her position on the park.  

Canberra found it extremely difficult to defend her, and often left her with too much time and space to exploit.

It was a good battle between Jenkins and Nikola Orgill, with the Canberran able to close her down a few times. Orgill is a quality player with lots of experience, but Jenkins won this battle more often than not.

Jenkins has been quality for the Victory on countless occasions so far this season, and her role in creating attacking opportunities for Melbourne will be even more important now that we’re headed towards the business end of the season.