Fight for the finals

Today’s match was a fight for the finals between fifth and sixth on the ladder, with Victory coming into the game four points ahead of Canberra United.

But after being defeated 3-0 with only 10 points on the ladder, Canberra United’s season is over.

Canberra only have two games left in the campaign, and even if they won both they’d still be in fifth spot at best.

This result means the Victory now have their fourth win in a row and are sitting just inside the top four behind Sydney FC.

The game started out fairly evenly, with neither team able to settle or gain control until Melina Ayres claimed the game for the Victory.

Picking up the three points was essential for Melbourne, and if they’re able to win their remaining three games they’ll be definite finals contenders.

Today was the difference between a continued fight for a finals spot or seeing the season crumble before your eyes.

Unfortunately for Canberra, finals hopes are behind them – but with this result, the Victory are well on their way to yet another top four spot.