Melbourne City know how to control a game

The absolute finesse of Melbourne City was on show tonight, with Rado Vidosic’s side bossing all over the park.

City’s passing game was on a completely different level. Over and over again, City’s passes hit feet accurately and split the defence perfectly, leaving Newcastle's defenders chasing shadows.

Agonizingly for the Jets, the pass count, passing accuracy and possession statistics were all heavily in favour of Melbourne City.

Their early goal set them up well and established the pace for the remainder of the game – and Newcastle struggled to keep up.

City’s defence was top-notch too. They’ve now played over 500 minutes of football without conceding a goal and are the only side undefeated this season so far.

Throughout the 90 minutes of the match, Melbourne City were totally in control of the game. They’re an exciting team to watch, with many people backing them to take it all the way this season.