3. Wanderwomen will be good for the experience 

Teenagers like Courtney Nevin, Kyra Cooney-Cross, and Susan Phonsongkham were given a lesson today. They will come out of this much better for it. They saw what it takes to win W-League titles. 

Nevin gave Carpenter too much space and relied on linge challenges which the Matilda winger easily got around. Cooney-Cross just didn’t get involved enough and was outmuscled by the bigger City players.

Phonsongkham has missed a lot of this season and appeared underdone for a final. All three are quality players though and will become better players after today.

Others like Cortnee Vine, Danika Matos and Chloe Middleton will also take valuable lessons out of today’s game as they look to build their W-League careers. 

Expect these youngsters to be hungry to make up for today’s thrashing.