1. Carpenter a property magnate 

Carpenter had all the acreage in the world to play with today and she made it count. A brilliant performance from the Matildas star but the Wanderers made it far too easy for her. 

It was amazing how much time and space the Wanderers gave Carpenter. She did as she pleased for much of the first half, owning the right flank and the middle of the park. Young left back Courtney Nevin was given a harsh lesson on finals football. 

Carpenter set up the opening goal through a nice run and cross. She thundered the cross bar after stealing the ball and driving through the Wanderers defence like a hot knife through butter. 

Her drive and dangerous balls in had the Wanderer’s defence second guessing themselves. Remarkably for an attacking winger, Carpenter’s passing accuracy was over 90% from 40 passes. It showed she had far too much time to do what she wanted.