2. Gap between best and the rest far too big 

Melbourne City’s dominance is a wonderful thing for them. But they way they despatched the fourth best team was far too easy. 

City are a team full of internationals so it’s hardly surprising they will dominate games. The scary thing is how sides just sit back and let City take charge. 

Today right from the start Melbourne City did as they pleased and the Wanderers were caught ball watching or snatching at thin air. 

City were first to the ball, were always in position to receive a pass and had time and space in dangerous spots. Their intimidation caused this as the Wanderers simply looked lost. 

The Wanderers rarely strung passes together. Opting for hopeful balls which City just lapped up. 

The Wanderers had a number of teenagers so it seems a tad harsh but this is elite football and a final. They simply weren’t good enough and it isn’t good for the W-League to have a team control and dictate a game so much.