Carlton end strong, but will that be enough?

Assuming that the season plays out as planned, Carlton may have an issue to resolve regarding their energy when they step onto the field.

It seems to have been a problem for them for much of the season, starting a little slowly while they find their feet and their pace, only to gradually gain steam to end with a bang.

This might’ve been enough thus far, having made it to the preliminary final against North Melbourne, but the Roos will undoubtedly punish the Blues for any hesitancy or misstep.

And if they go through to the Grand Final, they certainly won’t be allowed the time to find their place and their confidence on the field.

No doubt coach Daniel Harford will try to address this if they play again, whenever that may be.

While many might assume that he would be stressed about the uncertainty surrounding the immediate future of the season, he says that the advice he has given his players is to “just follow the bouncing ball” and appreciate every opportunity they’re given.

“We’ll go if we need to go… We’ll play tomorrow if you want.”