Georgie Gee at the helm of a momentum shift

Georgia Gee has impressed consistently this season and today was no exception.

Although she had a relatively quiet game early on, she started to shine as usual from the second quarter.

She’s demonstrated once again that she is not a player that needs to rack up numbers to have an impact, today totalling 12 disposals (eight contested possessions) and three goals.

Chloe Dalton had nothing but praise for her teammate post-match, calling her “exceptional” and saying that she is “one of the cleanest footy players” she’s ever seen.

"You just know that whenever the footy is on the ground or whenever it’s near her, that she’s just gonna get a really clean pick up and dispose of it really efficiently as well so it's pretty cool playing with her."

While there are whispers abound that we might’ve just seen the last of AFLW for 2020, we know that it won’t be the last we see of Georgia Gee. If she is required to hang up her boots for the season, at least she can rest knowing she went out true to form.