GWS measuring up for finals

GWS is not the prettiest team to watch. Hey, the Giants don’t try to be.

When you take on Alan McConnell’s side, you’re playing a team that scraps and harasses all over the ground, suffocates the opposition’s ball control and patiently waits for the chances created by the panicked and frustrated disposal that the pressure creates.

GWS’ first ever win over Adelaide was built upon a similar style to the Round 1 win over Gold Coast, in which the Giants doggedly held its faith to the plan and won because they made fewer mistakes.

With GWS now two games clear in the Conference A top three, we can study how the Giants could stack up against their potential finals rivals.

Do the Giants have as many elite players as North Melbourne? No.

Do they score as prolifically as Fremantle? No.

Do they rebound out of defence as spectacularly as Brisbane? No.

Is there any side that values the even and committed fight at contests as much as GWS? No.

And it is that difference that the Giants have from their opposition that could prove decisive at the pointy end of the season.