6. Real humans.

The girls are part of the community. They’re not rock stars or gladiators separate from real life. They are real people with real jobs who happen to play footy at elite level.

7. A safe place for women.

The crowd is friendlier and more welcoming to everyone. There’s no drop kicks yelling at you because you’re a loud and passionate woman; no drunk idiots assuming you’re fair game because they’re drunk and you’re in public.

8. Suburban footy.

Walk down to your local ground on a Saturday afternoon, drink real beer, and have a kick to kick with your mates after the game. Heaven in a weekend.

9. It’s affordable

You can take all your friends and family without stressing about who has what membership, where you’ll be able to sit and if everyone can afford it.

10. It’s footy. Why wouldn’t you watch it?

The more people play footy, watch footy, love footy; the greater our game gets.