1. History being made

We’re right at the start of something massive, with “I was there when…” moments happening every week.

The lockout at Princes Park for the first-ever match in 2017; Blooke Lochland’s seven goal match in 2018; 53,034 people at the 2019 grand final; Anne Hatchard’s 35 possession game this year.

Not to mention any team’s first game and first win.

2. Tough footy.

It’s bone-crunching tough. Players treat every game like it’s their first and last - nothing is left on the field or taken for granted.

3. Brilliant role models.

These women aren’t just incredible athletes.

They’re paving the way for future generations of women, and doing it with style and resilience. Look at how Tayla Harris dealt with online trolls after the photo of her kicking a goal went viral.

That’s someone young kids could and should be looking up to.

4. Rapidly increasing skills.

We’re now seeing footballers who’ve had an uninterrupted pathway into the game, and they’re amazing.

Last year’s rising star Maddy Prespakis, is this year’s best and fairest. We’ll see that happening more, as the raw talent and skill level in each new draft gets more exciting every year. 

5. Pride is not just a branded weekend.

Many of the players are out and proud. And it’s completely normal. No-one has to hide who they are to be a player, or a supporter.