lowdowne_rd6_heartThe case for another team!… more specifically, a second Melbourne team.

This weekend was tough.  I was fidgety, cranky, moody and just generally lost.

I gardened, went to junior dance rehearsals, ate lovely cupcakes, went Christmas shopping, but something was missing.


Well, there was no W-League game in Melbourne and unfortunately the same is in store for me next week.

So far, I've travelled from Melbourne to Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney to see Rounds 1-5 and thankfully I can get something of a fix through the ABC Coverage and live tweets, but it's not exactly the same as being there.

I can't sustain the airfare costs so here's the discussion piece, what does it cost to run a W-League team?

How do we get Melbourne Heart to join the party?  There should be plenty of talent to build another team.

This week, with many players on international Matildas duty, the depth of each team was tested and the quality of the games has still been outstanding.  Take the Brisbane Roar v Melbourne Victory game as one brilliant example.


  • More games in Melbourne
  • More competition and opportunities to develop players (& coaches)


  • Financial risk (One team has already gone the way of the Dodo's)
  • 9 team competition

Simple huh!  Thoughts?