She loves to have a cold beer on her days off on tour, she loves her Richmond Tigers and is a proud Indigenous woman. 

In an interview with WTA, Bart opens up about her tennis career and how she found her way back to playing after time away from the sport.

The Ipswich-born player had her first tennis lesson a week or so before her fifth birthday but after being taken to Jim Joyce at Brisbane West Tennis Centre, she was almost turned away. 

"I remember he tried to turn us away because I was too young," Barty said.

"I was shattered, all I wanted to do was play tennis."

But Joyce gave her a racquet and after hitting her first ball, he wanted her to come back the following week

"I still remember that day, the biggest thing that stood out about Ash was her hand-eye coordination - it was as good as I have seen in all my years of coaching," he said.

From a young age, Barty was a keen player, rain or shine she was on the court.

While Joyce tried to keep the now 22-year-old back a bit because he didn't believe in kids being thrown out there too early it happened.

During her first trip to Europe, which was two months long, Barty said she cried every night.

"I remember telling mum I hated it and a part of me still does," she said.

At the age of 15, Barty became the 2011 Junior Wimbledon Girls winner.

"If I'm being 100 per cent honest it happened way too early, I wasn't ready," she said.

"Walking out to the final I remember feeling sick to my stomach.

"I was absolutely cooked, I needed to get home and see my family and after that, it became really tough.

"It didn't matter I was ranked two in the world and had won Junior Wimbledon, I just wanted to play tennis and that changed for me."

She had early success in doubles on the WTA Tour finishing runner-up at three Grand Slam doubles events with Casey Dellacqua. As a 16-year-old Barty spent nearly 338 days away from her family and decided it was time to step away from tennis.

She ended up playing cricket during this hiatus, signing with the Brisbane Heat for the inaugural Women's Big Bash League (WBBL).

That time away from the game allowed Barty to reignite her passion for tennis and she was ready to make her comeback.