Ahead of the Suncorp Super Netball season, the 31-year-old was cruelly ruled out of the 2019 campaign after sustaining an ACL.

In a new video titled '#Unfiltered" directed by Magpies teammate Ash Bazill and The Jasper Picture Company, Browne opens up about the tough year she has had from her personal life to speaking about the injury.

Writing on Twitter, Browne said: 

The journey to discovering her ACL injury was an emotional ride.

Brown sustained the injury in a pre-season game against the Melbourne Vixens and she knew something wasn't quite right.

She grabbed the team physio to do some testing and he checked her ACL straight away.

"He said 'Nah, I think we are really good'. I did some dodging, some backwards running, sidestepping and was like 'yep, I feel really good'," Brown said.

Relief washed over Browne and she made the two-hour trip home from Bendigo. However, after waking up the following morning with soreness, she decided to clear it all up and had an MRI scan. 

"Within 24 hours I thought I hadn't to maybe I had," she said.

"I was like 'stay positive, let's get through the MRI scan'."

Once again, she was cleared.

But during rehab, she struggled to incorporate a ball while dodging.

"I kind of sunk in my heart that there was really not right," Browne said.

However, this wasn't the only struggle Browne was having in her life. She was also going through a separation.

"I guess the two constants in my life were Todd and netball then all of a sudden one was no longer there and I was going to put all my positive energy into netball," she said.

Telling her teammates that she wouldn't be playing this season was tough because they were all hoping the best for her than seeing their faces when telling them the news and their faces are guttered. 

"All you want to do is be there and play with you and I just can't, my body just can't do it right now," Browne said.

The mid-counter was meant to go in two days later for surgery but decided to push it back to clear her mind, enjoy the opening round of the Super Netball season with her teammates and enjoy Easter.