With Christmas in our wake, a few extra kilos on board and New Years on the horizon, we were all excited for Boxing Day football...

The round started off with a bang as Canberra succumbed to a second half torrent from the W-League's team to beat, Western Sydney. It was even stevens until Kyra Cooney Cross set the competition alight (in more ways than one). It was supposed to be Santa and his reindeer, alright?

Once again, it was a question of timing for many fans (in fact, the same fan as above) upset with the conditions Dub players are enduring at the moment.

But it certainly wasn't harming the athleticism on offer from the game's muscly maestros

All in all, another Wanderers thrashing to add to their 5-0 rout of Sydney and push their goal difference to +13 by the halfway mark. But there's one coach who'll be feeling pre-tay hard done by after such a close start to the game.