Wright had called a timeout towards the end of the second quarter with his side seven goals down against the Giants.

Channel 9 camera crews were courtside giving an insight into team talks as they usually do however this time they caught more than they probably expected.

Browne, who starred for Australian Diamonds at the recent Netball World Cup, asked her coach for some positive feedback.

However, Wright said he didn’t have any.

“How about doing some? Because to me at the moment you’re not,” he said.

“I can’t give you a positive when you’re not doing it.”

Wright then subbed Browne out of the game, saying: “I don’t need this attitude from you.”

He was interviewed from the bench shortly after the exchange and admitted he probably overstepped the mark.

“If I had my time again, we would not have that on camera but unfortunately there’s mics there so I probably could have done that better,” Wright said.

However, many have called the exchange a 'spray for the ages' and it's left the netball world divided.

The Giants moved into the top four after a 63-56 victory over the Magpies.