A bid for the 2023 Women's World Cup was one of the key points outlined in the FFA's launch of the Whole of Football Plan (WOFP), a 20-year vision for Australian Football.

The WOFP comes after consultation with the major stakeholders, FFA key commercial partners and the Australian Football community, including more than 20,000 people on the online survey and 13 community forums.

FFA CEO David Gallop said the WOFP would provide the blueprint as football aims to become Australia's largest and most popular sport.

“The Whole of Football Plan gives everyone in Football a long-term view of what the game needs to do in order to fulfill its potential and reach its destiny,” said Gallop.

“Football is on a mission to become the largest and most popular sport in Australia. It’s a bold idea, but now is the time for the Australian Football community to bring it to life."


The WOFP covers the areas of competition (including the W-League), national teams and administration (including coaching, refereeing and facilities).  It will form the basis of the 2015-19 FFA Strategic Plan to be published later this year.

The key general long term projections include:

  • A 15 million strong Football community by 2035, including 1 million club members
  • A distinctive Australian style of playing that puts our National Teams in contention for all FIFA and AFC championships
  • Hosting the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup as the driver of women’s Football participation and professionalism
  • National competitions that attract 75% of participants to support a Top Tier club
  • A combined pool of 3,000 elite male and female players from 12 to 19 vying for future national selection and professional contracts
  • Academies that provide world-class coaching so that no Australian youth needs to go overseas to find elite development

Women's Football

The motherhood statement is as follows:

"Women’s Football will not be viewed in isolation; instead it is a critical consideration across every part of the Football Ecosystem." 

The headliner from women's football's perspective is that for the first time, in print, the FFA has stated they will bid for a Women's World Cup and, in particular, the 2023 edition.

"Hosting a FIFA Women’s World Cup would provide a great showcase for the women’s game in Australia and inspire a generation of women to take up Football."

While it is great news for those who have been advocating for an Australian Women's World Cup bid, the WOFP also sets out some crucial landmarks to be achieved for women's football.

Elite level

  • A ONE club mentality meaning, every Top Tier club in Australia should have an A-League team and a W-League team
  • the W-League to be between 20 and 30 rounds long leading to potential additional tournaments such as a Women’s FFA Cup
  • Commercialisation to enable the W-League to be a fully professional training and playing environment
  • W-League to be underpinned by a women’s NPL competition to assist with a clear pathway for junior players
  • W-League fans always be able to watch the W-League via a televised platform
  • WNPL will be underpinned by a vibrant junior structure that increases opportunities for girls

elite-pathway-wofp-2015 Graphic: FFA - Whole of Football Plan

Grassroots / Social

  • Every Member Federation, association and zone must have a dedicated women’s Football development officer/s
  • A girls' team in every club followed by girls' and women's team within every age group


  • Costs of all accreditations to be reduced so that working towards a C-Licence costs under $500
  • Other accreditation courses (Futsal, B and A) must be run in every state capital

    on a regular basis


  • Embrace all forms of Football, with a focus on Futsal, and recognise their importance to participation and to developing world class players.
  • Long term goal to develop a separate pathway for talented Futsal players

The WOFP covered several areas and as a blueprint it has not provided any costing or concrete time period apart from the 20 years. What remains to be seen in the next 12 months is the structures to be set in place to achieve these projections and goals.

The WOFP is available from wholeoffootballplan.com.au.