perth-gloryIn the absence of regular captain Collette McCallum, Sasha skippered the Perth Glory Women during an important and personal match for the club.  This is her look at the experience.

A historic win for the Glory!!!!

We put in 110% as it was blistering hot. We walked out, excited, proud and inspired to win in purple and pink to raise funds and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The stadium (nib Stadium) reminded me of the World Cup match I have played...I had goose bumps and was full of adrenaline for the match to start. I wish we could play there for every match!

Without our Matildas I know players and fans may have had doubt in the outcome of the match. It was a great victory for our squad no matter what it looked like. We will be happy and even better when they arrive back from China.

I now know that I can take better charge at the back and as our coach crowned me captain for the match and I felt honoured in my role.

The experience I have needs to come out of me more and I believe I can be more of a voice out there. We had several break downs at the back that I consider not acceptable.  Thank goodness we had Telford [Goalkeeper Carly Telford] on her A-game for this match.

This week we have a long week of fitness and training as we have the weekend off from match play. We look to come back sharper and more collective as a back four.

It is hard work staying on top and it feels good to say we are top of the Westfield W-League!!!!! We have to stand our ground and our back four is a huge part of that.

Outside of football has been more football... Myself and my room mates were lucky enough to be given VIP tickets for the men’s game on Sunday after our recovery on the beach!! I know tough life!!

It can only get keep following us and supporting our squad...we have a bright future ahead :)