Comparatively, the nickname has more character than any competing country.

Germany’s Die Nationalelf, translates to The National 11 and is not even technically correct (what about the substitutes?).

The Italian and French sides boringly describe the blue shirt color as La Azzurre and Le Blues respectively.

The English “Lionesses” are a strange choice for a country that a quick Google search revealed, shares no wildlife in common with the African savanna.

Some teams compare a little better, The Norwegian Grasshoppers name piques curiosity, Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz is a culturally evocative choice and the U.S team does not have a nickname at all, in a rare case of the side being treated equally to the men by the American football officials.

Today's Matildas fans should be grateful to those who put in the work at the AWSA and those who voted to ensure that we get to cheer on the Matildas instead of the Soccertoos.

Although the team by any other name would still have produced these great moments: