In one of the goals of the season, Kate Hore was able to avoid three Carlton defenders while taking three bounces, gave the ball off to her teammate, got it back for the old ‘one two’, then put it through the big sticks for a major.


There’s not many things that Rocky Cranston can’t do, but this fantastic goal set the bar at an even greater height than usual. Cranston set herself up by handballing to herself and taking off in a footrace, trying to get away from the Fremantle defender.


There was nothing stopping the Bulldogs captain from helping getting a score on the board, not even a Saints defender. Blackburn was able to sell some candy and set the American, Dani Marshall, up for her very first goal in AFLW.


Collingwood was on fire in their game against the Blues, and it started from the opening bounce of the game. The Pies got the ball straight out of the ruck, inside 50 to Jordyn Allen, who received a 50 meter penalty and was able to get the Pies first goal, all within 25 seconds.


Normally there is nothing stopping Collingwood speedster Sarah Rowe, but not on this occasion. Rowe slipped passed a Carlton defender and was just about ready to speed into the Pies' 50, but Sarah Hosking was able get the tackle, and the free kick.


This was an amazing effort by Wakefield. She was able to spoil the ball, then followed up by tackling her North Melbourne opponent, allowing one of her teammates to deliver the ball inside 50. An Amazing second and third effort.


This was amazing play that started just outside their defensive 50, where North were able to use their speed through the corridor, then deliver the ball inside 50, where they were able to put it away for an important goal. 


You don’t normally want to get in the way of O’Connor’s torpedo, but Pregelj certainty didn’t mind. O’Connor was going for goal and decided to pull the old torpedo out of her bag of tricks. But Pregelj was able to get the smother, stopping the Cats from scoring.


There’s nothing stopping Chloe Molloy from getting a goal, not even losing a boot. Molloy was able to shrug off a tackle from the oncoming Bulldogs defender. She lost a boot in the process, but she didn't let that stop her from putting the ball through the big sticks


In a tight contest between the Dockers and the Bulldogs, Ebony Antonio was able to get the Dockers out of trouble. She sold a bit of candy, got free, took a bounce, and then put it through for a well-earned goal.