While the AFLW hashtag has seen more than its fair share of vitriolic negativity, Round 2 provided a welcome upsurge in wholesome content. Here is the best of social media from the second week of the 2020 season.

Let’s start with this recap of Nat Exon’s spectacular move against the Bulldogs. Crumbing a ball and weaving through traffic to create this opportunity demonstrated a talent for truly intuitive play.

Winning at more than footy, Ebony and Kara Antonio’s shared success in this post-derby photo is a welcome segue into Pride Round this weekend.

@Laurajmoran shared the wholesome content we’ve all been craving, tweeting the proof of her grandad’s unwavering support of the AFLW since its inception.

Tayla Harris exhibits pure class when she takes the high road in a statement regarding the well-publicised comments of opponent Stacey Livingstone. Rather than retaliating against the ‘useless’ comment, Harris points out what should be the real focus of the game.

‘Not sure why we’re talking about this when the fact that she’s played the best game of her career… and we’re talking about something so minor.’

@RankingSw’s indignation that Courtney Gum’s one-handed mark isn’t a talking point of Round 2 is spot on. Such a fantastic display of deft athleticism that should be widely applauded.

To finish, here are two Auskickers that perfectly embody the spirit of the AFLW.