Carson Pickett. Sinking a cheeky free kick to break the deadlock deserves a cheeky celebration. That’s what Picket has brought to the table with her skip of joy, little hop like a kangaroo, then hug of her teammate like a koala because this American is showing up big in Australia once again this season.

Rhoda Mulaudzi. The early forerunner for this season already. Not only is she equal first in the golden boot race, but miles ahead of other contenders with her celebrations. Truly Mulaudzi is raising the bar this season, bringing two incredible celebrations in one game. This is the creativity we’re all after.Take a look at the synchronised effort with South African compatriot Refiloe Jane. 

Maria José Rojas. The joy and euphoria of scoring the first goal for your new side is always something pretty special. Rojas’ celebration summed that up. Going with the superhero arms, pointing upward to the sky, pulling out the iconic pose of choice for many South American players.

Natasha Dowie. Shrugging off the cobwebs to open up her goal scoring account, Dowie did it with a classic strikers finish in the bottom far corner. Reflective of her classic finish, Dowie pulled out the classic skip and hop celebration. There was no need to rewrite the text book with that one.