Toomey won three out of the 14 events but was consistent throughout and finished outside the top 10 once to beat rookie Laura Horvath.

She took the crown of the Fittest Woman on Earth for the first time in 2017 after finishing second the previous years.

Toomey finished 14th in the Marathon Row which sees competitors row for 42,195m on a rowing machine while she topped the CrossFit Total and Madison Triplus events.

In the Madison Triplus, she beat the entire men's field by almost a minute in a 500m swim, 1,000m paddle and 2,000m run. 

However, one of the most memorable moments came during her win in the CrossFit Total where she did a 188kg deadlift sending the crowd into a frenzy.

She is no stranger to weightlifting though being a Commonwealth Game Champion in the 58kg category when she pulled off a 114kg clean and jerk. The win came less than two years after she competed at the Rio Olympics.  

Along with her gold medal and title, Toomey also takes home over $405,000 (US$300,000).