sandrews_b6_midweekSo it is a mid-week game for us versus Canberra United. A very fit, talented team, in fact they are the 2011/12 Westfield W-League champions!

I personally look forward to this match as our team has improved each week by intense training.

Our defence stepped it up big time last match and another clean sheet is our goal!!!! I come into every match with the same mentality.... READY...... I think it is an advantage that I don't know much about our opposition.

In other world leagues that I have played in I have always known the players and the history behind the teams. Big game for us and I look forward to our preformance.

Off the pitch I have explored the city.... we went to an Indian resturant where you pay by donation, and got to see the beautiful Kings Park.

My room mates and I decided that we were going to give something up for December and add something positive to our life.

I gave up lollies and chocolate except for Christmas Day and I added two workouts a week in a pool.

Other than that it is almost time for the team walk and I need to get my game face on for the big match tonight!!!