Cori Gauff (United States of America)

It is hard to believe that American Cori Gauff (or Coco as she is known in the tennis world) is only 15-years-old. She has already captured the interest and respect of the tennis world with her poise and finesse to take it up to and defeat her more experienced opponents. 

In 2019, Gauff had her best finish at a grand slam reaching the fourth round of Wimbledon and taking the biggest scalp of her career defeating Venus Williams. Also last year, Gauff made it to the third round of the US Open. 

Towards the end of the tennis season in October, Gauff won three games, as she took home her first WTA title in Linz over Jelena Ostapenko. Gauff is a player to watch, because of her rare star talent at a young age and if she is like this at 15, imagine how good she will be with more years on the WTA tour. 

Gauff does not have a distinct game style yet - there are too many variables to lay a claim on her style like the others in this list - but her serve is powerful and she is an exciting young talent who will be one to watch in the next 10 years.