With every team, in every league there are players who are the flash and those who are the substance.

Teresa Polias is that player of substance that makes the W-League work.

She is the kind of player that makes the W-League work with her unwavering commitment to the league season after season and an unrelenting drive to make the league better for the next generation.

That is why it is fitting that the 26 year old is part of the group of the first group of W-League players to make 100 appearances.


While Polias did not start her W-League career with Sydney FC, she has become synonymous with the club.

As a player on the pitch, she has been that word that can be considered boring but really is a mark of safety and comfort to supporters; dependable.

"During my coaching stint at Sydney FC Teresa was certainly the most consistent, most reliable and most important player from a tactically disciplined point of view," said former Sydney FC and current Matildas coach Alen Stajcic.

"She never scored a goal or even assisted in one, but her selfless work and commitment was the glue that held our teams together and gave the likes of [Kyah] Simon, [Sam] Kerr, [Caitlin] Foord, [Leena] Khamis, [Kylie] Ledbrook etc, the opportunity to do what they needed to do to make us the dangerous attacking team that we were."

Even prior to naming Polias captain in 2013, Stajcic certainly made her the backbone of his squad.  Of the 87 games Sydney FC have played since she joined in Season 3 (2010/11), Polias has played in 84 matches, starting all games and logging over 7,500 minutes.

"This was always recognised by her team mates as in my last 3 years at the club she was voted PLAYERS's PLAYER on two consecutive occasions and came 2nd in the 3rd," said Stajcic.

"She is a great example and role model for all players at all times."

It is an incredible feat of durability but statistics only tell a fraction of the story. Polias’ story, and her eventual legacy, will be in helping build a club by assisting in the development of young Australian players, and ultimately the building of a league.


In 99 games there have been plenty of accomplishments :

  • W-League Premiership: 2010/11
  • W-League championship: 2012/13
  • 3 Grand Final appearances
  • 6 Finals series appearances
  • Sydney FC Player of the Year: 2011/12, 2012/13

It will be the loyalty she has shown her team and the loyalty she has shown the league. Even to personal and professional cost and sacrifice.

Because while all foundation players have sacrificed something to help this game grow, others like Polias, have done so with little fanfare.

Enjoy the 100th game Teresa.

You have earned every accolade, recognition and tribute.