mrajcic_b4_newcastlematchThis week I have definitely been avoiding my computer; to write this blog, not wanting to think about the weekend that passed. The performance and result was not what we wanted.  

Prior to the game against Newcastle, our focus at training for the week was to make sure we were supporting the ball quickly; making sure we had at least two options.

I felt as though we had a good lead up to the game. We knew it was always going to be a tough ask, but we knew that everyone in our team needed to be at their best for us to come away with some sort of result.

Game day arrived, and for the first 7 minutes it felt as though all the Lady Reds were there to play.

Things can change and happen so quickly in football. The Jets came into our defensive half for the second time during the game and ending up leaving with a goal. I don't know about the rest of the girls but it seemed to shock us; and not in a good way.

We started to panic and give the ball away too easily. The Jets confidence started to lift, with every minute ticking by, they became more and more optimistic.

Going into half time down 2-0 is never a good feeling, but I had faith in us as a team that we could turn it around, as anything is possible, especially in football.

As we conceded our third and fourth goal, the girls continued to fight trying to peg back the deficit, with a couple attempts finding the woodwork, but it was not our day.

As a team; we needed to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask questions of ourselves and others around us.

It was time to put the last 5 weeks behind us and move forward.

If we seriously want to be playing finals football this season things needed to change ASAP as there are only 7 games left of W-league. We can only control the controllable.

This week the girls have all been switched on and focused for our game against Sydney, increasing the intensity in everything we do beginning with warm up to the end of the session.

It being our home game this week; we would love to see as many people out at Burton Park for our 2pm kick off supporting us.

Just having people behind you, supporting you, can make one hell of a difference. We need our 12th (wo)man out in force!!

Until next week…