Sydney's midfield general is ready | (Credit: Getty Images) Sydney's midfield general is ready | (Credit: Getty Images)

It's an amazing feeling achieving our initial goal of participating in the Westfield W-League Grand Final.?

The season has been full of highs and lows but we have to put that all behind us for the moment and focus on the ultimate finale.

It's hard after such a significant and hard fought win away in Brisbane but the main thing about that is we have created new memories up there against our main rival for our new team.

gf_tpolias_trainingThis week we have maintained our usual schedule and as a team helping one another to stay in the present has been a nice feeling. While it took a few days for the fact that we made the Grand Final to sink in, stepping out onto the training park made it a reality.

We respect Melbourne Victory as a quality opposition and this week we’ve been preparing our game plan for Sunday.

Our "young" team have faced a lot of pressure and unusual circumstances over the course of our careers so we are ready for whatever crosses our path.

So if you have SKY BLUE blood like us girls JET down to Melbourne, UNITE with us!!!

We can't wait to hear you ROARing in our support till you're RED in the face.?

We want GLORY!?

Let’s hope for a SKY BLUE VICTORY.?

WANDER what will happen?! GO SYDNEY FC!!!

Thank you to our amazing club Sydney FC our sponsors, our coaching and physical staff and the biggest thanks to all our fans who have attended matches, watched live streams or on television.

Our sky blue blood is going to be flowing through our hearts on Sunday! Sydney is Sky Blue!