17. Angelique Hristodoulou -7.5

Played well throughout the game and set up the late goal for Evans. 

6. Chloe Logarzo -7.5

Solid game and did what she needed to do. 

11. Sofia Huerta -7.5

Provided plenty of run throughout the game. 

9. Caitlin Foord -8.5

All class from the Matilda. Set up both of Siemsen’s goals. Looked dangerous all day. 

20. Princess Ibini -7.5

Was creative all game and had some clever touches. 

10. Remy Siemsen -8.5

Two well taken goals. Put herself in the right spot. 


Shadeene Evans - 7

Came on late and got involved right away . She is an exciting prospect and deserved a goal with a smart header. 

Julia Vignes - 6

Late substitution so didn’t have much to do.

Mackenzie Hawkesby -6

Barely had a touch after coming on for the last few minutes.