Sydney FC

1. Aubrey Bledsoe - 7.5

Didn’t have a lot to do but looked solid. Some nice saves late in the first half ensured her team kept their two goal lead. 

12. Natalie Tobin - 7.5

Played well and kept the Victory forwards at bay.  

7. Ellie Brush -7.5

Marshalled the team well. Good leadership and organisation. 

5. Ally Green -7.5

Fought hard all game. 

2. Teresa Polias -7.5

Solid in the middle of the park. Nice link up play with the defence.

17. Angelique Hristodoulou -7.5

Played well throughout the game and set up the late goal for Evans. 

6. Chloe Logarzo -7.5

Solid game and did what she needed to do. 

11. Sofia Huerta -7.5

Provided plenty of run throughout the game. 

9. Caitlin Foord -8.5

All class from the Matilda. Set up both of Siemsen’s goals. Looked dangerous all day. 

20. Princess Ibini -7.5

Was creative all game and had some clever touches. 

10. Remy Siemsen -8.5

Two well taken goals. Put herself in the right spot. 


Shadeene Evans - 7

Came on late and got involved right away . She is an exciting prospect and deserved a goal with a smart header. 

Julia Vignes - 6

Late substitution so didn’t have much to do.

Mackenzie Hawkesby -6

Barely had a touch after coming on for the last few minutes. 

Melbourne Victory 

1 - Casey Dumont -7

Couldn't do much about the goals. Did her best and did reel off some nice saves. 

3 - Teigen Allen - 7

Decent shift, kept on working throughout the game.

4. Emily Menges - 6

Worked hard but couldn’t do a lot to stop the goals. 

10. Jenna McCormick - 7

Did well but looked tired towards the end after being on Matildas duty. 

8. Angela Beard - 6.5

Tried her best but couldn’t make much impact. 

6. Hayley Hanson -6.5

Like most of her team  mates, couldn’t provide a lot. 

15. Amy Jackson - 6.5

Decent shift but couldn’t get into the game as well as she would have liked. Was replaced by Longo in the second half.

18. Grace Maher -6.5

Got involved but not enough. 

11. Darian Jenkins -7

Worked hard and will be a good player this year. 

9. Natasha Dowie -7.5

Ran hard all game. Was the main player up front for Victory and looked dangerous. 

14. Melina Ayres -7

Plenty of skill but found it hard to get past the tough Sydney FC defence.


Emma Robers - 6

Came on for a few minutes and didn’t have much chance. 

Annalie Longo -6.5

Worked hard but couldn’t provide as much support to Dowie or Ayres as needed. 

Polly Doran - 6

Tried her best to get involved and make something happen. 


3 Things We Learned: Sydney FC vs Melbourne Victory

A Sky Blue prodigy was back with a vengeance as Sydney FC swept aside Melbourne Victory 3-0 in a cracking Big Blue W-League opener for both teams.