It was a disappointing loss last week for the Swifts but they did not get off to the best start.

Desperate for a win the Magpies went ahead early, even claiming the first bonus point of the round, but the Swifts managed to get on top as they swamped the midcourt and were immaculate in their shooting.

The Magpies were dealing will the late withdrawal of Australian representative April Bradley after suffering a knock in training.

The Swifts were able to stretch their lead in the third quarter before the Magpies came out firing in the last quarter trying to get that win but Sarah Klau made her presence known in the ring with clean intercepts.

“We worked hard on converting ball that we were winning back and we finally did it," coach Briony Akle said.

“I was a bit nervous in the first quarter when the Magpies were getting on top of us but we gave the team some tough love at quarter time and stressed the importance of possession and staying in the game.

“For us, there has been a lack of connection but today the Swifts came to play with each other and it was fantastic when they did,” she said.