Credit: Emily Mogic Photography

Adelaide descended upon old territory with fresh outcomes on Sunday, leaving with a triumphant 4-0 win against Melbourne Victory.

It was an historical moment in the club's history as they hit home their greatest win since the club's beginnings.

However, for Victory, it was a game that will be difficult to forget for both players and fans - and not in a positive way.

Adelaide’s young forward and rising star Rosie Sutton had an immediate impact on the game. She was seen to be handling the ball with both muscle and finesse up front within minutes of the starting whistle. Sutton was also the chief carrier of Adelaide’s shots on goal, reflected by her well-deserved hat-trick.

Victory were looking towards a difficult match even before the whistle. Thea Slatyer and her accompanying experience were out with injury leaving a starkly inexperienced backline.

The start of the first half demonstrated a more composed dimension to Victory’s play up the field, however it was lost on clunky mistakes in the midfield. One such mistake was intercepted by the swift Sutton who succeeded in scoring The Lady Reds’ first goal with a clean shot.

Whilst clearly Sutton was a consistent threat to Victory’s defence and a definite stand-out, Lauren Steer was crucial with her cutting passes through to Sutton and Tiarn Powell at the goal box.

Ex-Victory player Alexandra Gummer made a prominent performance against her old team as full back. Throughout the match, she shifted the ball upfield whilst maintaining meaningful possession for her side and made many an arching ball across the mouth of the goals.

Adelaide’s defence played far up the pitch, quick to move the ball outwards. This is, according to Gummer, “the style that Jamie [Harnwell] is getting us to play. He’s trying to get the fullbacks to push as high as possible to create that overload. And right now, it’s been working dividends.”

Despite the frustrating scoreline for Victory, Melissa Barbieri demonstrated her signature determination throughout. She continued to provide direction for the team and came off her line many a time to clear the ball far from danger’s way. However, a head on clash with Marijana Rajcic resulted in a red card for denying a goalscoring opportunity. Cassandra Dimovski was substituted on, and Sutton tacked the score up to its final form.

Victory’s attack was at its bare bones. It was another story of nearly-but-not-quite for Christine Nairn, whose gifted left boot saw a shot ricocheting off the post and her crosses into the box not being met by her teammates.  

An overall lack of intensity with Victory was visible. Coach Dave Edmondson placed this down to the team “expecting the result to happen but we didn’t work hard enough.”

Adelaide, on the other hand are quickly dispelling any previous notions attached to their name. Coach Jamie Harnwell, whilst understandably pleased with the result, said “it’s early days… We’ll enjoy it at the moment. We’ve got a big test next week against [Melbourne] City and then we’ll probably find out where we’re really at.” Nonetheless, all eyes will be Adelaide from here on in.

Adelaide will be back in Melbourne to face Melbourne City at C.B. Smith Reserve, 4.00pm on Saturday 14th November. Victory will have their first interstate match, meeting Western Sydney Wanderers on Sunday at 3.00pm.

Melbourne Victory 0

Adelaide United 4 (Sutton 14+55+68, Powell 33’)

Melbourne Victory: Melissa Barbieri (gk) (c), Alexandria Natoli, Briar Palmer (M.J Barbieri 46’), Annabel Martin, Enza Barilla, Jamie Pollock, Laura Spiranovic (Cassandra Dimovski 67’), Christine Nairn, Hayley Raso, Jessica Pitts, Cindy Lay (M. Taranto 56’)

Substitutes – Sky Jensen

Cautions – Christine Nairn 66’

Explusions – Melissa Barbieri 66’

Adelaide United: Kaitlyn Savage (gk), Lauren Steer, Alexandra Gummer, Sarah Killion (Loren Maggio 74’), Allira Toby, Chantelle Ryder, Emily Condon (Marijana Rajcic 65’), Georgia Campagnale, Rosie Sutton (Allira Toby 71’), Elizabeth Milne (c), Abigail Dahlkemper, Tiarn Powell,

Substitutes  – Claudia Jenkins (gk)