Check out where your favourite has gone or who your team has for the next season.

Adelaide Thunderbirds (Finalised)

Re-signed: Chelsea Pitman, Hannah Petty, Kate Shimmin, and Sasha Glasgow

In: Cody Lange (Tasmanian Magpies), Beth Cobden (Loughborough Lightning, UK), Kelly Altmann (Southern Force), Layla Guscoth (Team Bath, UK), Shamera Sterling (Loughborough Lightning, UK) and Maria Folau (Northern Mystics)

Out: Shimona Nelson (Magpies), Kaitlyn Bryce, Leana de Bruin (Northern Mystics), Fiona Fowler, Abigail Latu-Meafou (Waikato Bay of Plenty), Bongiwe Msomi, Catherine Tuivaiti

Giants Netball (Finalised)

Re-signed: Sam Poolman, Jamie-Lee Price, Kiera Austin, Kim Green, Teigan O'Shannassy, Kiera Austin, Jo Harten and Kristiana Manu’a

In: Caitlin Bassett (Lightning), Amy Parmenter (elevated from training partner) and Matilda McDonell (Netball NSW pathways)

Out: Susan Pettitt (Retired), Bec Bulley (Retired), Kristina Brice (Northern Mystics), Serena Guthrie (Team Bath, UK)

Magpies Netball (Finalised)

Re-signed: Ash Brazill, Madi Robinson, Kim Ravaillon, April Brandley and Matilda Garrett

In: Kelsey Browne (Lightning), Shimona Nelson (Thunderbirds), Gabby Sinclair (Tasmanian Tigers), Geva Mentor (Lightning) and Nat Medhurst (Fever)

Out: Caitlin Thwaites (Vixens), Alice Teague-Neeld (Fever), Erin Bell (Retired), Shae Brown (Retired), Sharni Layton (Retired)

Melbourne Vixens (Finalised)

Re-signed: Mwai Kumwenda*, Kate Moloney, Emily Mannix, Liz Watson, Jo Weston, Tegan Philip, Renae Ingles and Kadie-Ann Dehaney 

In: Caitlin Thwaites (Magpies), Tayla Honey (elevated from training partner)** and Ine-Marí Venter (Gauteng Jaguars, RSA)

Out: Emma Ryde, Chloe Watson and Khao Watts

*Re-signed but won't be included in the 10 due to recovery from an ACL injury

** Temporary replacement

NSW Swifts (Finalised)

Re-signed: Kate Eddy, Natalie Haythornthwaite, Paige Hadley, Helen Housby, Sam Wallace, Maddy Turner, Maddy Proud, Sophie Garbin and Sarah Klau

In: Lauren Moore 

Out: Abbey McCulloch and Claire O’Brien

Queensland Firebirds (Finalised)

Re-signed: Romelda Aiken, Mahalia Cassidy, Laura Clemesha, Tara Hinchliffe, Kim Jenner, Jemma Mi Mi, Caitlyn Nevins, Gabi Simpson and Gretel Tippett

In: Tippah Dwan (Queensland Fusion)

Out: Laura Geitz (Retired)

Sunshine Coast Lightning (Finalised)

Re-signed: Steph Wood, Karla Pretorius, Laura Scherian, Madeline McAuliffe, Jacqui Russell and Cara Koenen

In: Peace Proscovia (Loughborough Lightning, England), Laura Langman (back from break), Annika Lee-Jones (Fever) and Phumza Maweni (Seven Stars, UK)

Out: Geva Mentor (Magpies), Caitlin Bassett (Giants), Kelsey Browne (Magpies) and Erena Mikaere

West Coast Fever (Finalised)

Re-signed: Stacey Francis, Kaylia Stanton, Courtney Bruce, Jhaniele Fowler, Jess Anstiss, Verity Charles, Ingrid Colyer and Shannon Eagland

In: Alice Teague-Neeld (Magpies) and Olivia Lewis (Netball WA Athlete Pathway)

Out: Nat Medhurst (Magpies), Annika Lee-Jones (Lightning)