It seems fitting to kick off with a mention of the Freo Dockers, who continued their winning streak against the Lions in the highly anticipated top-of-the-ladder clash. Kiara Bowers has been displaying an incredible work rate and is definitely deserving of any and all praise we throw her way.


Collingwood sparing a moment to congratulate the Aussie cricketers for their World Cup win is the #womensupportingwomen we all love to see.


The smile says it all. What a great visual representation of the influence these athletes have on younger generations, and a perfect picture for International Women’s Day.


It’s always great seeing teams celebrate a goal or a win, but it’s even better when accompanied by a quirky handshake. And the Blues have plenty to celebrate, coming off their third win in a row against the Saints.


We love seeing kids getting involved in the AFLW. The younger they’re taught that there is the possibility of a future for themselves in women’s sport, the better. Maybe that guernsey will have her number on it one day.


Is any post-match entertainment better than post-match puppy entertainment? Libby Birch of the Melbourne Dees did us all a solid when she introduced little Cooper to the AFLW world.


And finally, as if we could love and respect Eddie Betts any more than we already do, his parting words in this clip from the AFLW close the deal: ‘One day they’re going to rule the world and I’m going to sit back and watch and smile.’