sandrews_b2_gloryGlory is on top this week when it comes to the Westfield W-League standings (nice to see). We had a hard-fought battle this past weekend exposing many areas of strength and weakness.

This week we are preparing for travel over to Sydney for a match with the new Wanderers team. We are focusing on details and precision. After video review today and some more adjustments I think we will be better prepared for the battle this weekend.

Outside of the soccer fever around here, I have managed to get a job along with roommate Aivi Luik at Cotton On (women's athletic gear). That was exciting news because we need to make some money as I am seeing that life in Perth is costly!

Other than the main highlight of a win this past weekend I got to experience Rottnest.....RATS-NEST. AHHH they freak me out!!!... or what I am told now to say by my team ROTTO because I have been there done that.

It was a beautiful little getaway where the clearest water, and thousands of shells surrounded our every adventure. We brought bikes and mine of course had no brakes....after realizing the danger I had to hire one there which made for a much nicer trip!

Teammate Brony (Bronwyn Studman), was Chef at the BBQ with the giant rats (quokkas) and made us a great dinner one evening, other than that it was a lot of tanning (like I need it eh!) and swimming until they spotted a 3m Great White Shark and the beaches were closed!!!.....

What is with this place and sharks? The people must taste good or something ;)

That's all for this week until you hear back from me with our results over this next weekend in Sydney. Bon Voyage!