It was the shock news that caused much conjecture when a fortnight ago former Perth Glory international imports Emma Kete and Lisa Marie Woods were released from the club.

Apart of a released joint statement, both players have relatively kept their silence despite plenty of rumours bandied about with both players. New Zealand striker Emma Kete spoke with us to about her release and her plans for 2012.

Can you tell us how you are feeling about leaving Perth Glory?

I guess I am a little disappointed with how it all turned out. I miss some of the girls ALOT and I miss cooking Macca [Mackenzie Arnold] her meals and taking the role of being her ‘Perth mum’ haha. I guess I can be all philosophical and say that things happen for a reason, but I really do believe it to be true.

Although I still don’t understand the reason why I was released and in no way breached my contract or did anything of the sort. All I can do now is take what I've learnt from this situation and move forward positively and look forward to the new opportunities that may be ahead.

When were you told that you were being released and what were your initial feelings?

Initially I was a bit shocked and hurt. What hurt the most was that my professionalism was called into question. I have played in the USA, Finland and England and also for NZ at an Olympic games and world cup and my professionalism and commitment has NEVER been questioned.

Did you want to stay and was there any discussion about you maybe remaining?

The club took the action which they felt was best for the team and while I disagreed (in relation to myself) I felt it was best that I leave right away. I just want to play football and enjoy it at the same time and I'm pretty confident I can do so in the future elsewhere.

Can you tell us in your own words what happened to cause your expulsion?

I can't really say too much as I still don’t really know. There was no physical altercation between us and we were never unprofessional in the environment.

We both worked hard and wanted the best for the team. We both released a mutual statement and left on good terms and I think she should be given credit for coming out and saying that I did not deserve to be released.

What are your plans now to play football?

I have a big year ahead with the Olympics coming up. I just want to play, enjoy my football and continue to learn and grow as a player.

Have any W-League clubs contacted you and would you still be interested in playing in the W-League, if not this season then next?

I would love to continue playing in this league. Despite what has happened with my teams poor results and the whole situation, I have really enjoyed being a part of the W-league and really enjoy watching some of the top teams and players.

Is there anything else you would like to say to your former teammates, supporters and fans?

My former teammates, Freddie our manager and J are a great bunch of girls. They could have done without this distraction during such a tough season and for their sake as well as mine I hope to put this behind me. I wish them all the best.