It’s easy to dwell but the Crows Jenna McCormick is already looking forward and focusing on the positives for this season and beyond.

“The skill level is greater, the depth in everybody’s team is good,” McCormick said.

“It’s good to see the girls who did play in the league last year have come in and really cemented their spot.

“It’s only really positive signs for the growth and improvement in the years to come.”

In addition to the overall strength of the club and the league, McCormick highlighted a few standouts in the Crows squad.

“In terms of young players, I think Eloise Jones was a spark in the game. We were really happy with picking her up.

“New to the league, we’ve got Ruth Wallace up front who was great.

“MJ [Marijana Rajcic] is not young but she’s young to AFLW and I thought that she made her name in defence.”

As the teams wrap up their seasons with awards nights and head their separate ways, McCormick states that Adelaide sticks by the players throughout the off-season ensuring their best chance for success.

“We will have a fair involvement with the club even though we’re not necessarily contracted,” McCormick said.

“We had our exit interviews, got our stats for the season and they give you a couple of key targets.

“In the break, we’re joining up with the NT and submitting a team to the VFL this year. Predominantly based out of Northern Territory but eight of the Crows girls each week will join that team and fly to Melbourne and play in the VFL which will be really good in the offseason.

“For player management, we have access to physio all year. They basically treat you as though you are going to be coming back. They set you targets so that you have stuff to work on.

“Formal list management meetings will probably start happening in the next couple of months when the clubs start getting more information about how it’s all going to work, proposed dates for the league."

With rule changes quite topical at the moment, McCormick weighed in with her thoughts.

“I think some do suit the women’s game but it would be nice to be able to play normal footy that we’re used to watching.

“In saying that, I don’t have all that strong an opinion on rule changes.

"I’m happy to let our coaching staff and leaders in the group take charge in speaking on behalf of the group because I just like to go out there and play footy regardless of what the rules are.

“If rules change you have to think about it a little bit more but I don’t think they’re that drastic that you have to completely change the way you go out there and play.”