They won only two games and their season was cut heartbreakingly short, but for the St Kilda AFLW side and the club as a whole, this new team has been a major win.

Each side in the AFLW Competition is an extremely close group, but the Saints, led by Coach Peta Searle, had a bond that behind the scenes, was unbreakable.

Leading one of the younger sides of the competition, Searle was heavily involved with her girls weekly, not just during training and game day. From Monday lunches, daily group music and innovative team bonding, Searle’s bunch were woven into the fabric of this proud club’s existence in a matter of months and will remain the pavers for the future of women’s football at RSEA Park.

Not everyone who played, coached or was involved was a true, full-blooded Saint from birth, but the second those women stepped out in the red, white and black, their hearts beat only for St Kilda.

The club itself, with such a rich history, was already a magical place. Nestled in the quiet Moorabbin streets and hidden from public eye, it’s easy to forget that more than one hundred years of history belongs there.

But these women, the ones who donned the jumper, put their bodies on the line, created history and brought their faithful along for the ride, they’re the ones who reignited Moorabbin for many years to come.

From leading goal kicker Caitlin ‘G-Train’ Greiser, who won the Saints Women’s first ever game off her own boot, to young Tarni White’s exciting efforts in the backline, this club is on the rise.

They’ll be back, with ‘G-Train’, tough-nut Rosie Dillon, fearless Kate McCarthy and steady Hannah Priest amongst many heroes’ ready to go around again.

Now, although Moorabbin sleeps again, this time for a different reason, if you ever get the chance to stop on by, you can still hear those women singing that song… forever etched into the walls and club.